Thursday, June 22, 2017

You Can Now Find Me On Ebay, Redbubble and Etsy of Course

A couple of years ago I tried to sell on Society6, so I could list on Etsy like tons of other sellers do.  But the outside manufacturer application was a pain, and I didn't do it right.  Etsy will not let you apply a second time.  Anyway, I had to figure out how to tell my image size, and since my regular camera broke I had to take images with my cell phone.  I finally figured how to do HD pictures that would be the right size.  But, then I couldn't get Society6 to work, so I went to Redbubble instead.  Redbubble is easier, anyway, in my opinion.  Plus, you can set how much profit you want to make for each item.  I have not messed with that yet, but I think I will charge a little bit more for original paintings, than photography just because there is way more work involved.  You can shop for my designs, or millions of other artists, placed on cool items like mugs, tees, pillows, and so much more. You can find me on Redbubble by doing a search for Missy69.  Right now if you use code Thirtyoff you will get 30% off  Men's apparel items.  They are always offering sales, so be sure to check it often.  

I also decided to take advantage of Ebay's 50 free listings each month, to try and move some inventory a little bit faster.  I was doing auctions, but now have changed to fixed price, with make an offer option.  I am slowly adding items there, some have sold already.  Here is one item, but you can click see other items, to see the rest.  I am deciding on an Ebay store, vs PatternbyEtsy with my own domain.  They both have pros and cons, and I am weighing them both.  Pattern recently made some great changes, so I need to evaluate carefully.

Etsy has decided to take away the Etsy mini, so the widget on the side of my blog will no longer be there.  You can always find me on Etsy, by searching Missy69.

I have been in the mood to paint, again, so I will be painting for a while, but still want to get more Fairy Garden, and painted canvas sneakers for Fall done, so soon, I hope.  I just finished another Tshirt for 4th of July, and that will be in my Etsy shop later today.  I am hoping I can add the image to Redbubble too.

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