Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Upcycle and Old Kid's Swing Set Into a Plant Hanger

The picture does not show the whole swing set, but trust me it is there. My kids outgrew their old metal swing set years ago. You know the kind with two swings and a slide. We were going to build an adult swing to hang on it, but my husband decided that was too much work, and bought me one. So, I had him remove the slide, which was not easy it is so old, move it to the front yard, and then I crocheted a pretty purple hanger, and hung it from one of the swing hooks. I am not sure I like the pattern used, so will look for another one, but it works for now. I think I can hand 5 pots up there, and I want to plant climbing plants, like roses or Ivy up the legs of the swing set. The crocheted plant holder is not for sale in my Etsy shop. I just don't seem me making a ton of those.

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