Monday, April 17, 2017

Make it Monday!

Finally, after two very busy weeks, a new Make it Monday post. I had family visiting the first week, what a blast, and the second week I actually started a new job and had to do orientation, boring. So, today, I got quite a bit done, for Make it Monday.

 The first item, the turtle chia type pet planter, was actually an idea from Pinterest. I thought the method they used was a bit more expensive then it needed to be. I used a metal round planter hanging basket from the Dollar tree, to make the shell. then I filled it with dirt, put the seeds in the dirt, and then covered with leaves as a mulch to avoid having to water too much. The head and neck is just an old sock filled with dirt, and I painted on a little face with a sharpie. Total spent 2 big ones. I planted flowers that will attract hummingbirds. I will update when it actually starts to do something.

 Next, are three new etched glass pieces. 2 are glass olive oil bottles, or any oil or liquid really. The one for men, the pics didn't come out great, but I showed the side with the bear. There is also a deer head, salmon fish, and moose head on the other three sides. The one for the ladies has sealife images on it. A sea turtle, octopus, sand dollars, and a jellyfish. This one is my favorite.

 The third etched glass item is a beautiful vase that I found at a vintage store. It is heavy and well made. I drew on the dove and olive branch, and the beginning of the 23rd Psalms. This is a beautiful gift idea for a wedding, housewarming, or anyone who has faith.

 All three of the glass items will be available in my Etsy and PatternbyEtsy shops. hopefully tomorrow.    Plus, I am having a huge Mother's Day sale, with a brand new 10 dollar gift section. Don't miss it!

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