Monday, April 3, 2017

Make it Monday!

Welcome back to Make it Monday. This week I finished one project, started another, and am still working on another. I finished the painted swan ladies tshirt, today.

 This pink tshirt is done with acrylics and sharpie markers. It really came out quite beautiful, and is a size XL.

 Next, I started these flour sack towels. These are a little larger than I expected, 48x48 and are called flour sack towels. I applied the image, God Bless our Home, and then started painting it. You can see the start of one below. They will be sold in pairs.

 I am still working on my crochet shrug jacket. I might have it done by Winter, lol. It will be a made to order item in my shop when I get it done.

 Don't forget I am having an Easter sale, and starting the day after Easter my Mother's Day Sale will begin. You don't want to miss this one. There will be a whole section of 10 dollar items, perfect for Mom. Next week there may not be a Make it Monday, as I may be starting a new job. However, I have a project that I wanted to do today, and it has to do with gardening, but I thought it was going to rain so didn't do it. It is a cool one, so be sure to check back. I will explain how I did it, so you can make your own.

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