Saturday, March 25, 2017

Melissa's Day 2017

I have so much fun with websites that share obscure, or little known about holidays. Did you know that there is almost a holiday every single day of the year? Neither did I. But, these little known holidays help my creative side make these lovely Polyvore treasuries. I was doing them daily, but I just don't have time for that. Each item in the set is from an Etsy or PatternbyEtsy shop. Simply click the links at the bottom to go to Polyvore, and click through to the shops, or click the links below to go directly to the shops, and browse all the wonderful items. Missy69 is offering 10% off all items through April 17, 2017. Use coupon code Easter2017 to receive the discount. If you have an Etsy, or PatternbyEtsy shop, and would love to be featured in a Polyvore treasury, and then on this blog, please comment below so I can contact you with info.


Melissa's Day 2017

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