Monday, March 20, 2017

Make It Monday!

I love Mondays! Monday is the day, for the last 4 years, or so, that I take time to be crafty. I do it every Monday unless I absolutely can not. Unfortunately, I have been a blogging slacker during the last year, or so. So, now each Monday I will try to share a new video tutorial that I find, a clever idea, something I have tried, upcycled ideas, or just other craft ideas. Hopefully that will keep me on track to post at least one good post each week. I love doing the Polyvore sets, and sharing them here, but it is a lazy way to blog, lets be honest. So, I might have mentioned that I got a Dremel for Christmas. I wanted to learn to etch glass so bad. Then I got sick, on Christmas night, and though we still don't know for sure what caused it, it knocked me out of commission for a long time. So, when I went to try out my months old Dremel I discovered somewhere along the way I threw out the charger. My husband replaced it, so I was back in learning business.

 I love to learn new things. I tried several different techniques shown on tutorials and websites, but man I just didn't like either of the two. So, I came up with a method that worked for me, to get the image on the glass, and voila I was creating beautiful pieces. The item below is a lovely glass serving bowl that I found at a consignment shop, and then I etched on the Easter chick with eggs and flowers. It is so adorable. I just finished a whole bunch of new pieces tonight, and I can not wait to share them. My hand is killing me, surprised I can even type. Did I mention you really have to have a steady hand when using the Dremel, and it really cramps your hand? It does. To purchase this beautiful bowl, or check out any of my other items, visit my Etsy shop. You can always search #missy69, or #missy69pattern. The first shop is for Etsy members, and the second is for those who do not want to be an Etsy member, but might still want to shop on Etsy

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