Thursday, March 30, 2017

Etched Glass Spring Easter Bunny Candle Holder

This particular piece is made to order only. I have the pattern saved, so you would need to go to my Etsy shop, if you are an Etsy member, or my PatternbyEtsy shop if you are not an Etsy member and don't want to be.

 This is a reclaimed glass candle holder, that I drew the image on, and then using my Dremmel etched the pattern into the glass. It is 3 inches tall, but it has a chip in it, that is why this one is made to order only. Please keep in mind no matter what type of glass you want it on, it must be at least 3 inches high for the pattern to fit. If you want more than one, ask me about bulk pricing. Please always remember to plan ahead, to give me enough time to collect the items needed, make the product, and then ship it to you. The sooner the better. It does not have to be just for candles, can be for a small water garden plant, candy, small trinkets, etc. Great table decor or party favor.

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