Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Check Out My New Pattern by Etsy Shop

OK, not really new.  It has been about 10 days, but I have been real busy learning, updating, and creating new products.  The purpose of having the regular Etsy and then Etsy Pattern, as far as I can tell is SEO, and people who don't want to join Etsy to be able to buy products they want and love.

I have created some new painted sneakers, and working on some very cool new pieces of jewelry.  I love doing the etched glass, though it is definitely a steady hand skill.  Good thing I still have a pretty steady hand.

To visit my new shop, click the link, or simply do a search for #missy69 pattern by Etsy, in your favorite search engine.  I am considering buying the domain name, but I can't make up my mind.  My shop also has a blog, and a newsletter, so be sure to check them out if you are interested.  As soon as I get some newsletter memberships, I will send one out.


Custom Ornamental Gates

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