Friday, February 24, 2017


I really have to get back to a regular blogging routine. Both this blog, and my homeschool blog have been severely neglected. Some of it is just from the busyness of life. Some is because I was very ill for a lot of January, and some is because I am trying to do inventory, remove old products, and update images. I will never remove my gemstone rings, no matter how old they get. They are one of the most popular searched items in my shop, and my biggest sellers. They are stored well, and taken care of. However, other items go out of style, or out of date. Updating my shop with new pictures, tags plus keywords, takes a really long time. Plus, I would like to get at least one video done for my shop, just can't decide on what I want to do it on, and of course squeezing it in with everything else.

 I have started creating some new pieces, jewelry, wood burned, etched glass, and maybe some new crochet projects. I really want to learn to hand sew, just for small projects like reusable napkins, bibs, etc that would be convenient but still be good for the environment. I hope readers have been checking out the Polyvore sets I have been sharing. I try to do one a day, and share them everywhere. Such a nice way to make a treasury of beautiful items, from different sellers. If you haven't seen any yet, scroll down to see a few. I will be making some sets using the new Spring color pantone, such beautiful colors.

 Below is a new pair of earrings, just a couple of weeks old. I really dislike making earrings, lol, and I have no idea why. They are not hard at all, just always something I just don't want to do. This pair, done in lilac purple glass beads, and lime green acrylic beads, on sterling silver fish hook dangles, are just lovely. Simple enough for wearing to work, and lovely enough for evening wear too. Perfect for Spring, Easter, Mother's Day, etc. There is a leather wrap matching bracelet too. Look for it in my shop.   I have some lovely Easter items, with more to come soon.

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