Thursday, June 22, 2017

You Can Now Find Me On Ebay, Redbubble and Etsy of Course

A couple of years ago I tried to sell on Society6, so I could list on Etsy like tons of other sellers do.  But the outside manufacturer application was a pain, and I didn't do it right.  Etsy will not let you apply a second time.  Anyway, I had to figure out how to tell my image size, and since my regular camera broke I had to take images with my cell phone.  I finally figured how to do HD pictures that would be the right size.  But, then I couldn't get Society6 to work, so I went to Redbubble instead.  Redbubble is easier, anyway, in my opinion.  Plus, you can set how much profit you want to make for each item.  I have not messed with that yet, but I think I will charge a little bit more for original paintings, than photography just because there is way more work involved.  You can shop for my designs, or millions of other artists, placed on cool items like mugs, tees, pillows, and so much more. You can find me on Redbubble by doing a search for Missy69.  Right now if you use code Thirtyoff you will get 30% off  Men's apparel items.  They are always offering sales, so be sure to check it often.  

I also decided to take advantage of Ebay's 50 free listings each month, to try and move some inventory a little bit faster.  I was doing auctions, but now have changed to fixed price, with make an offer option.  I am slowly adding items there, some have sold already.  Here is one item, but you can click see other items, to see the rest.  I am deciding on an Ebay store, vs PatternbyEtsy with my own domain.  They both have pros and cons, and I am weighing them both.  Pattern recently made some great changes, so I need to evaluate carefully.

Etsy has decided to take away the Etsy mini, so the widget on the side of my blog will no longer be there.  You can always find me on Etsy, by searching Missy69.

I have been in the mood to paint, again, so I will be painting for a while, but still want to get more Fairy Garden, and painted canvas sneakers for Fall done, so soon, I hope.  I just finished another Tshirt for 4th of July, and that will be in my Etsy shop later today.  I am hoping I can add the image to Redbubble too.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Make it Monday: Gentle Waves Crochet Baby Boy Crochet Blanket

For Make it Monday, this week, I finally finished my next baby blanket. This one is for a boy, but could be unisex if you wanted it to be. It is white with variegated blue border. The border is shell stitch and it just looks like gentle ocean waves to me. I love the border yarn, it is my first time using that brand. I am currently working on an owl backpack in that exact yarn. So, be sure to watch for that!

 To purchase the baby blanket, or see other items I am selling, go here. I am also now listing my art work, and photography on Redbubble. If you have never heard of Redbubble it is cool! I will share more about that when I get to the social media part of Redbubble. Just loading stuff now. You can search Missy69 on Redbubble, and you will find all my items.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The History of Crochet

Have you ever wondered about the History of Crochet? I have, and I finally had an extra moment to really think about learning about it. The short video below is a good place to start. It seems to me there is more to it, but I will have to research it more, when I have another free moment to think about it. Do you know about the History of Crochet? Share in the comments.


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Make It Monday: Painted Patriotic Toddler Tshirt

I guess my Make it Monday item will be done on Monday, and posted on Tuesday. I just can't seem to get enough time to get the blog post done on Monday. Anyway, this week I painted one tshirt, and started a second. I love painting on Tshirts and sneakers, my new favorite. My pink canvas sneakers, with roses and shamrocks, just sold last week.

 This tshirt is lime green, or neon yellow is what my daughter said. It is a size 2T and has USA flag, and home of the brave painted onto the tshirt. The second has an Eagle on it, but it is not finished yet. Go to my Etsy store to purchase, or make a custom request.

 I have had several Ebay sales. Don't forget to check out my auctions. I will be opening a shop there, not sure when that will happen, yet. I need the time to do it. This is our last full week of homeschooling, so maybe soon. For now just auctions, of old Etsy listings, and non Etsy items like unused video games.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Make It Monday: Swan Hand Towels

I actually did make this yesterday, which was Monday.  I just forgot to do a post.  They are listed in my Etsy shop.  This is a pair of off white flour sack towels, with hanging loop.  I added the image to the towels, then using acrylics and paint pens, painted the image.  There are two in the set, and if you want names and dates, contact me for pricing before ordering.

My fairy house, from Make it Monday, last week, sold already.  I made some strawberry furniture, but I will do a separate post on them.  I am hoping to tomorrow get some other fairy garden accessories done.

Don't forget I am now auctioning off older inventory on Ebay, plus kids toys, games, and books I might come across in my never ending decluttering adventures.  Check my items often, I am always adding new items.  I will probably open an Ebay store pretty soon.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Upcycle and Old Kid's Swing Set Into a Plant Hanger

The picture does not show the whole swing set, but trust me it is there. My kids outgrew their old metal swing set years ago. You know the kind with two swings and a slide. We were going to build an adult swing to hang on it, but my husband decided that was too much work, and bought me one. So, I had him remove the slide, which was not easy it is so old, move it to the front yard, and then I crocheted a pretty purple hanger, and hung it from one of the swing hooks. I am not sure I like the pattern used, so will look for another one, but it works for now. I think I can hand 5 pots up there, and I want to plant climbing plants, like roses or Ivy up the legs of the swing set. The crocheted plant holder is not for sale in my Etsy shop. I just don't seem me making a ton of those.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Make It Monday Fairy House and Butterfly Napkins

Welcome back to Make it Monday! Happy Memorial Day to all the families that have lost loved ones in wars to protect the freedoms of the rest of us. We thank you!

 Today, I got a lot done. I got some plants transplanted. I love free plants! If you don't know how to propagate plants, you need to learn. Maybe I will do a blog post on that. Some are easier than others, but almost all plants can be propagated. Today I tried Hydrangeas, and Camellias. Last week I did some Azaleas, which so far don't look real great, but I am hopeful. I have one rose bush, that I have propagated at least 4 times. It was a pricier rose bush, at 30 dollars, but I would say I got my money's worth.

 I bought this tiny wooden bird house, at my local craft supply store, put it together, and then sat down to paint it today. You can see the results below. I totally love how it came out. I was researching prices others are charging, and wow I was amazed. Since, like with my jewelry, I want my customers to actually be able to afford the fairy gardens they create, I will try to keep my prices as low as possible. I will be adding more fairy accessories to my Etsy shop, as I get them made. I will eventually make one of my own, or two, lol, but they would be hard to ship, so I will just sell the parts for someone else to make one. So many ideas, so little time.

 The second item, is a set of four, reclaimed and upcycled linen napkins that I painted flowers and butterflies onto. They are a set of 4, all with the same design, but may have slightly different color schemes just to keep it interesting.

I also got into the garage to do some very late spring cleaning.  I will be listing all kinds of things on Ebay as auctions.  Some older inventory, plus kids stuff will be available there.  Be sure to check it out to get some awesome deals.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Learning to Make A Fairy Garden

I want to make fairy gardens. I just love them. I want to make accessories to sell for them, as well. It is a long process learning how to make accessories. The other day, my daughter and I were in the craft store and saw these tiny birdhouses. We bought one, put it together, the glue is still wet in the image, and left off the perch part. I will now paint it, and decorate it, and voila my first fairy house. I wish I had bought a few more, lol. Hopefully they will have more when I go back.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Make it Monday White and Lime Green Crochet Baby Blanket

Today, for Make it Monday, I completed one of the baby blankets I have been working on. I have a second one that isn't even halfway done yet. This one is a large white Granny Square, with lime green trim. Great as a baby blanket, lap blanket for Grandma or Grandpa, small bed, or couch accessory. Crochet blankets are super warm, even if they have holes in them. If you are interested in purchasing check out my Etsy shop, Missy69. Can be made in other colors, see listing for details.

 On a different topic, sort of, I will be listing auction style items on Ebay, and a limited amount of items from my Etsy shop. This will open my marketing up to two different large venues. Click here, to see one of my Ebay auctions.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Father's Day Gifts

I am feeling a little bit blah about Etsy of late. I don't know what happened there, but I suspect since they went public profits is what is on their mind. There are a lot of low priced, manufactured, rather than hand made items now, and I think that has cut into the handmade market. I try to keep my prices as low as I can, and offer great sales, but mass produced items can be priced so much lower. It might be time to consider other options soon. I realize you have to spend money to make money, but for how long. I had fair sales the last two years, and since November, well, bleh. If you have never heard of Etsy, check it out.

This is a Polyvore set. To see each item there, click the links under the image. That will take you to Polyvore, and then if you are still interested you can click the image again and it will take you to the original shop to purchase.
Father's Day Gifts

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Blue and White Dolphin Pendant and Leather Necklace

Brand new in my Etsy shop, this lovely blue and white dolphin cameo pendant and leather necklace. Nice choker style fashion necklace. Light weight, not heavy at all. Visit my shop today!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Make It Monday LadyBug Theme

Today for Make it Monday I did some items in a ladybug theme. I love ladybugs. They are just so cute! I joined a new Etsy team where we are challenged to create something new every day. This truly will be a challenge since some of my crochet items just can not be finished in a day. So, I may have to share updates to crochet items I am working on. I currently have two, and they are both baby blankets. I may have one finished tomorrow, will see.

 It is extremely hot now here in FL, and when I went to do my glass etching, this evening, I thought I was going to melt. It was so humid. I only do the glass etching outdoors. So, I will not be able to do any more glass etching until Fall, when the cool weather returns. I am very sad by this. The green wine goblet has ladybugs etched into it. It can be turned upside down and used as a tealight holder, but I would make it into a tiny fairy garden. There is only one, the other glass was broke, and like I said I won't do anymore until Fall.

 The second item, is brand new to me, and not quite finished. It is clay flower pot people. This is my first one, and it has a ladybug theme, as you can see. You add a plant to the top pot, and it is an adorable garden accessory, or for people who can not have a garden. I have to attach the head to the body, and the arms to the body, tomorrow, and then it can be listed in my Etsy shop. I guess that will be my item for tomorrow, lol. These will be made to order only.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Teal Blue and Orange Team Color Fashion Pendant Now on Sale

Happy Mother's Day.  I am trying to work on a schedule to be sure I am blogging most days.  So far I have not achieved this, lol.  I might get two days in if I am lucky.  Anyway, I have a new section in my Etsy shop, 10 dollar gift ideas.  Some of these items are older inventory that I hope to move quickly, or new items at an awesome price.

This pendant is a gold tone wire wrapped pendant with orange and teal blue beads.  Great ladies gift for the sport lover, or to show support.  I can do these in other colors, so be sure and ask if you would like that.  To see this beautiful pendant, visit my Etsy shop. 

Tomorrow for Make it Monday, a brand new product in my shop.  It will incorporate my love of painting, and gardening all in one.  Don't miss it!

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