Friday, November 18, 2016

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I don't actually have an image, or video to share with  you, yet.  I am very busy promoting my Etsy shop, and I have had 3 sales already this month, so I am doing something right so far.  I am offering free shipping, on all domestic orders of 35 dollars or more, until Jan 1, 2017.  So, take advantage of that.  I have clearance/sale section, also.  You can get to my shop by doing a search for Missy69, or by clicking my Etsy shop widget in the column of this blog.

The kids, and I decided on two Advent calendars for this year.  I actually forgot that last year we decided, this year, that we would do a reverse Advent calendar.  What is a reverse Advent calendar?  First get a big box.  In the box, every day from Dec 1st through the 25th, add a nonperishable food item to the box.  On Christmas day you donate the food to a family that is in need of a Christmas dinner.  You can just set the box on their door step, and they will be blessed, and you get to be humble in your giving.  We will probably use one of the churches, or the school, to find a family that will need such a gift.  Some other ideas you could do are make a shoe box of gifts, similar to what churches do for Operation Christmas Child, but donate it to your local nursing home.  So many of the elderly have no families, and the smallest of gifts would make their day.  Be sure to ask your local nursing home, they might already have such a program and know just where the greatest needs are.  Make a care bag, or a few, for the homeless and drop them off to them on Christmas Eve.  Maybe that is what we will do with our dinner box.

The second Advent calendar, will be a fun crafty one.  We do one of these silly ones every year.  A friend of mine has given me two large wood slices.  I was thinking, if I get time, that I will wood burn a Santa face, or Nativity onto the wood slice, with 25 round spaces either on the beard, or around the Nativity.  Then we can tape things into the circles each day.  I would be totally reusable and look lovely on the coffee table, or dining room table.  I hope I actually get time to do it.  If not, I will be printing off a fun, silly one.  You can find a whole bunch of printable Advent calendars by doing a search on Bing or Google under images.

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