Sunday, November 27, 2016

Handmade and DIY Red and Green Christmas Colors

This week I am featuring DIY items, and handmade items with a Christmas color theme of red and green. Each image has a description, and highlighted link, under the image. To visit the Etsy shop just click the highlighted link. Next week will be Christmas colors blue and white. I love blue and white for Christmas.

MsPDesignsUSA offers the most adorable Santa raccoon PDF quilt block.  Get yours today. 
Also from MsPdesignsUSA this Santa elephant quilt block pdf.  You could make the most adorable blanket.  
From Missy69 is this reclaimed glass jar with a Santa Kitten and Santa Bunny original art work.  
If you love Poinsettias this painted candy dish from Missy69 would be a perfect gift, and a great price too.

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