Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekly Link Up Party for Handmade Items 9/26-10/3

So, last week was my first link up party, using a different widget. I am trying Simply Linked, this week, to see the difference and which one I like better. They appear similar, except this one, I can just end when I want, rather than when the host site just closes it. To participate, please follow the very simple rules below. I am still tweaking so bare with it.  Of note, Simply Linked does not show the images, I just tried it.  You will have to refresh the page, and your link will show up with a number.  Just click the links ahead of you, up to ten, and they will go to each website.

 1. You can post one link every day, until I close it for that week. I will manually close it on the end date stated above, and no new links will be allowed, after 7 PM on closing date.

 2. If you post a link, you must click the other links that were shared ahead of yours. Hopefully your link will either show up at the top, or the bottom, making this easier. If not click up to ten please. Every day, repeat this process, and you can click your own too.

 3. Leave me a comment, at least the first time you post a link.

4. Please promote on social media. After all the more people that see your item, the better. It does take a minute for images to load, so be patient.

5. If you have questions, please ask.


Anonymous said...

Not true, you can set the end date on the in links site as well. In fact, you can even change many of the settings after the party has started.

Melissa said...

Yes, but I can't set the time, something I appreciate being able to do.

Hors D'oovers said...

Love this blog!!

Hors D'oovers said...

Viewed all of the other links :)

Melissa said...

Please do not add any more links to this post. See the new post to add items.

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