Saturday, September 24, 2016

Reclaimed Sapphire Gemstone Ring, and Glass With Painted Pictures Upcycle Recycle Projects

If you follow this blog, then you know that I love to paint. I love to paint on objects, more than paper, or canvas. Last Fall I created a beautiful Turkey abstract painting. I had it available for sale, but it didn't sell. It is not easy to sell art, lol. Anyways I came across these large pickle jars, and decided to use a new technique to affix the paintings to the jar, rather than painting directly on the jar. I have done three, so far, of the really big ones. They can be used as a hurricane lamp, with a candle, solar light, or flameless candle. But, also can be a vase, storage container, or cookie jar. Unique and beautiful table decor, or gift idea.

One of the other things I like to reclaim, recycle, and upcycle, is broken jewelry. I hate to throw away broken jewelry, especially when it is nice jewelry. Using a technique I discovered on my own, from tinkering with it, I created the lovely pinky ring below that features a real sapphire gemstone, and one point diamond from a broken necklace, that is now a wire wrapped ring. If you love handmade, unique, beautiful jewelry, I recommend you check this ring out.

 To see both items, visit my Etsy shop, by clicking the highlighted link, or you can always click my sidebar widget. You can always search for my shop, by using the hashtag #missy69 

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