Thursday, September 29, 2016

How To Do the Double Crochet Stitch

I have not had time to post a new learning video, in a while. Previously, I had posted a video on the basic single crochet stitch. Below, you will find the next stitch a beginner should learn, before trying anything too complicated. The double crochet stitch is not hard to do, and once you have mastered it, you will be ready to move onto another harder stitch. I recommend practicing with making baby blankets or scarves. They are simple enough to follow, and find mistakes if you make them. I love to crochet, it is a great stress reliever for

Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekly Link Up Party for Handmade Items 9/26-10/3

So, last week was my first link up party, using a different widget. I am trying Simply Linked, this week, to see the difference and which one I like better. They appear similar, except this one, I can just end when I want, rather than when the host site just closes it. To participate, please follow the very simple rules below. I am still tweaking so bare with it.  Of note, Simply Linked does not show the images, I just tried it.  You will have to refresh the page, and your link will show up with a number.  Just click the links ahead of you, up to ten, and they will go to each website.

 1. You can post one link every day, until I close it for that week. I will manually close it on the end date stated above, and no new links will be allowed, after 7 PM on closing date.

 2. If you post a link, you must click the other links that were shared ahead of yours. Hopefully your link will either show up at the top, or the bottom, making this easier. If not click up to ten please. Every day, repeat this process, and you can click your own too.

 3. Leave me a comment, at least the first time you post a link.

4. Please promote on social media. After all the more people that see your item, the better. It does take a minute for images to load, so be patient.

5. If you have questions, please ask.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Brown and Pink Handmade Items

This week I am featuring, brown and pink items, from Team Support and Promote, on Etsy.  To view each item on Etsy, click the highlighted item under each picture. If you are someone who makes handmade items, doesn't have to be just Etsy, check out my new weekly link up party.
Shelleyscrochetole has to offer this brown and pink baby hat and diaper cover. 
Need an adorable first Halloween baby costume, check out this baby bear dress and hat with pink ears, from Missy69
This beautiful pink scarf is made by, Sticksnstonesgifts. 
This beautiful shades of browns, and pinks by Alfadesigns, is a lovely necklace. 
From Debupcycles is this lovely tan ultra suede fabric, for  all you DIY buffs. 
Mspdesignsusa, didn't exactly have a pink and brown item to fit, but she has a mix and match option in her shop, so that will work.  Check out all her pdf quilt patterns.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Reclaimed Sapphire Gemstone Ring, and Glass With Painted Pictures Upcycle Recycle Projects

If you follow this blog, then you know that I love to paint. I love to paint on objects, more than paper, or canvas. Last Fall I created a beautiful Turkey abstract painting. I had it available for sale, but it didn't sell. It is not easy to sell art, lol. Anyways I came across these large pickle jars, and decided to use a new technique to affix the paintings to the jar, rather than painting directly on the jar. I have done three, so far, of the really big ones. They can be used as a hurricane lamp, with a candle, solar light, or flameless candle. But, also can be a vase, storage container, or cookie jar. Unique and beautiful table decor, or gift idea.

One of the other things I like to reclaim, recycle, and upcycle, is broken jewelry. I hate to throw away broken jewelry, especially when it is nice jewelry. Using a technique I discovered on my own, from tinkering with it, I created the lovely pinky ring below that features a real sapphire gemstone, and one point diamond from a broken necklace, that is now a wire wrapped ring. If you love handmade, unique, beautiful jewelry, I recommend you check this ring out.

 To see both items, visit my Etsy shop, by clicking the highlighted link, or you can always click my sidebar widget. You can always search for my shop, by using the hashtag #missy69 

Check out my weekly link up party, in the post below.  It is free to join, renews weekly, and a great way to build back links to your handmade goods. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Melissas Weekly Handmade Link Up Party Add Your Links 9/20-9/26

OK, this is my first time trying this, so bare with me.  This is a weekly link up for handmade items only.  They do not have to be just from Etsy, but do have to be handmade.  Please follow the rules below, to show respect to all who participate. 

1.  Click the linky link below.
2.  Add your link url to one handmade item available for buying.
3.  After you complete the steps click the links shared so far.  Yours will appear first, so do those after you.  If this gets too big, do up to 10 please.
4.  You can add a new link every day, however you must do click any new links added from the last time you posted, up to 10.  Please do not post one link right before midnight and then another right after to avoid this step.  Lets be fair, please. 
5.  Share the link up, after all the more people who see it, and or participate, the better for you. 
6.  Leave me a comment, please.


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Football Lovers Delight with Team Support and Promote on Etsy

This week I chose football as the weekly theme, for my Team Support and Promote blogpost. Each of these beautiful handmade items, could be used for football teams, mascots, or just fun football items. To visit each shop, click the highlighted link under each image.

This adorable crochet baby football photo prop is made by Shelleyscrochetole
Debupcycles creates these lovely flannel gift bags that are reusable and eco friendly.
For all you Cardinals fans, this pdf quilt applique from Mspdesignsusa will help you make something beautiful. 
Alfadesigns, has to offer this lovely necklace done in red and black, for you Falcons fans. 
All you Bills fans will love this football colors painted peacock.  Get it now, from Missy69

Monday, September 12, 2016

Red, Yellow and Orange with Team Support and Promote on Etsy

This week I am featuring handmade items that have red, yellow, orange, or any combo of those colors. This is a weekly post, but I am a day late because I have family visiting and did not get to it yesterday. To visit each Etsy shop, click the highlighted link below each image.

First from Sticksnstonesgifts, is this adorable baby boy quilted blanket.  So cute!
Next MsPdesignsusa, is this leaves pdf quilted table runner pattern set.  Nice for the Fall holidays.
Alfadesigns, created this beautiful bead strand necklace.  What a lovely gift idea. 
OK, this is the cutest crochet baby hat ever, from Shelleyscrochetole.  Get it for Halloween or baby's first Thanksgiving photos. 
Last from Missy69, is this abstract acrylic horse painting.  Decorate your home for the season with this beautiful art work. 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Beautiful Browns!

It is almost time for Fall, which means cooler days and nights, plus more earthy tones come back in style. Check out these neutral browns from Team Support and Promote, on Etsy. To view each item, click the highlighted link below each image.

First from Alfadesigns, this beautiful necklace done in golden browns and navy blue beads. 
Next from MspDesignsUSA, is this adorable quilt pdf to make this adorable horse. 
Do you need some interior decorating ideas for the Fall season?  Check out this lovely rug from Shelleyscrochetole.
My newest jewelry making love is making these leather wrap bracelets.  I  missy69 still have some to learn, but this is my favorite.
Doesn't this look nice and warm?  Lovely scarf from Sticksnstonesgifts.

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