Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Amazonite Gemstone!

I finally have some extra time to resume my posts about gemstones. I am trying to go in alphabetical order. Amazonite, a gemstone that I love. It is usually in bead form, sometimes carvings too. As stated in the video below the more greenish variety is from Russia. I prefer the ocean blue stones, that look a lot like Aquamarine beads, but much more affordable. I believe it to be a natural gemstone, as I have found no info about enhancements. It is a member of the Feldspar family, and only has a hardness of about 6. Because of that, I would probably use these beads in earrings, or necklaces. Maybe a bracelet, with warning about being careful when wearing. I probably would not put it into a ring. The short video below gives some nice info about Amazonite.

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