Sunday, May 15, 2016

Learning Some New Techniques

Hello, to all my readers! I know it has been a bit since I posted, again, but life has been crazy these past 10 days. Now my air conditioner is on the fritz. Trust me if you have ever been to Florida, then you know it is already plenty hot in May. I am hoping that is getting fixed today, but we have had so many curve balls, who knows. We have been having fun too, with Mother's Day, my daughter's birthday, and lots of her friends had birthdays all the same week. I have had no time to do anything crafty, until yesterday.

 Yesterday, I had a whole day to catch up on a lot of things, including learning some new jewelry making techniques. Those of you who read regularly know that I am always wanting to learn new techniques, and perfect old ones. I feel pretty comfortable with my wire wrapping rings technique, I could do a little fancier but you know, it is wire. I also know that a lot of people are doing the wrap bracelets, but I always wanted to learn to do them myself, so I did.  There were a couple of things about the technique that I didn't care for, so I am doing my own sort of way.   I love bracelets, and anklets, by far my favorite jewelry choice. I don't care for wire wrapped bracelets, and just beads, not so much either. So, I did some leather wrap bracelets, and a hemp chord braided bracelet. Both are new techniques and ideas. One thing I do like is you use a button for the closure, which makes the bracelet so easy to get on and off, and there are some really awesome buttons out there. My mom collects buttons, and she gave me a few vintage buttons. Now that I sort of know what I am doing I will be on the hunt for buttons. Anyway the leather wrap bracelet below, has a patriotic red white and blue theme, with a very cool resin support our troops cabochon for the button closure. I made the resin piece over a year ago, and could not decide what to do with it. Check this bracelet out, plus my new clearance section, in my Etsy store. 

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