Monday, May 30, 2016

Join Me In July for A 30 Day Art Challenge 2016

So, there are several different types of Art:  Painting, Drawing, Music, Writing, Crochet, Knitting, Jewelry Making, Photography etc.  Below I have compiled a 30 Day Art Challenge of things I would like to do, or specific things   I  really want to improve on.  I won't be doing this until July, because then we will be done homeschooling, but you can start anytime.  I may use any of the artistic ways I mentioned above.  I will be posting my items, here on this blog.  If you have a blog, and would like to feature each other, message me in the comments, and a way to get a hold of you.  I finished up some new art projects today, that I am working on perfecting, but until July I will not be doing anymore new painting projects.  Here is my perfect 30 day art challenge:

Day 1:  Clouds
Day 2:  Dragonflies
Day 3:  Lightning Bugs
Day 4:  Freedom
Day 5:  Flowers in a vase
Day 6:  Ladybugs and zentangle flower
Day 7:  The Wild
Day 8:  Violence      This one will be a real challenge for me
Day 9:  Someplace you would love to visit
Day 10:  Fear
Day 11:  Change the world and be happy
Day 12:  Upcycling
Day 13:  Dreams
Day 14:  Two tone palette    This one will also be a real challenge for me
Day 15:  Holy being
Day 16:  Hot
Day 17:  Cold
Day 18:  Rain
Day 19:  Snow
Day 20:  Cityscape
Day 21:  Music
Day 22:  Superhero
Day 23:  Quotes
Day 24:  Fantasy/Dragons/Fairy/Mermaid
Day 25:  Gothic        Another challenging one for me
Day 26:  Dancer or Gymnast
Day 27:  Broken
Day 28:  Education
Day 29:  Historical Event
Day 30:  Trees
Day 31:  Relax and breathe

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