Thursday, May 19, 2016

About Agates Chalcedony Family of Gemstones

When I first started this blog, it was meant to be informational to help me, and others learn about gemstones.  I love gemstones, and have been collecting, and making jewelry with them for years.  But, somehow life got busy, and I got away from the more informational type posts.  While I will still share new creations, I make, I will be doing an A-Z listing of gemstones, and info about them.  There are a lot, lol, so mark my blog if you are interested in reading on.

First up are Agates, which actually are a member of the Chalcedony family of gemstones.  Gemstones are kind of like animal classifications.  There are groups, and subgroups, for each gemstone.  It can get confusing.  If I have a jewelry piece created, I will share it, or an image of a loose stone.  If not I will try to find a video.  I love my Gemstones of the World book, and I really need an updated version.

Agates are very common gemstones, found world wide, and are often made into beautiful carvings.  It is very often banded, with curved bands, a distinguishing identifier from other Chalcedony.  They have a hardness of 6.5-7, which means you need to be a little gentle with them, when placing in jewelry, and then wearing.  Agates are also often died, due their porous make up, and they come in some of the most beautiful colors, vivid and bright.  Agates are found close to where volcanic masses are, and if  you get to see petrified agates, that is an awesome process where the agate replaces the petrified wood.  Very cool!  There are varieties of Agates, but most will have the agate name to it.  Like, Dendritic Agate, Crazy Lace Agate, Blue Lace Agate, Fire Agate, etc.

Below are a couple of videos about Agates.  The first one is how to identify Agates, and these are in their rough form, which means no cutting or polishing has taken place.

This second one is even more cool. This last one just shows some beautiful Agates after they have been harvested, cut and polished. I love Agates!

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