Friday, March 4, 2016

Lovely Sterling Silver Green Peridot Ring

I finally got to make some new jewelry pieces, with traditional settings, and gemstones from my personal collection. I love Peridot! It is my birthstone, and in the lime green, that looks like fresh grass, is my favorite hue. Peridot can have more yellow undertones, and it can also be bland and blah. I love vibrant, bright, beautiful Peridot. The ring below is sterling silver, and this ring is made well with a thick silver band. It is a size 7, and I would wear it as an engagement ring. You can view it in my Etsy store, along with my other awesome items, of course.

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March, and I hope to get some info up soon about this beautiful gemstone.  I do have blue gemstones, in my collection, and some jewelry, but I am not positive they are Aquamarine.


Gemstone said...

As per Astrology Peridot is a Awesome Gemstone for Planet Mercury .

Amit lamba
Amit lamba

Melissa said...

Thank you, that is nice to know.

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