Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Crochet Lime Green and Hot Pink Baby Blanket with 2 Matching Beanies

I finally finished this baby blanket. It didn't take so long because it was hard, it wasn't, just couldn't seem to squeeze in more than an hour here or there to work on it. I love these colors, and this stitch. Done in lime green, and hot pink with matching beanies. Fees have gone up for everything, so unfortunately I have had to tweak my prices on new items, and am rethinking my layaway. I love offering that service, but unfortunately the Paypal fees each time someone makes a payment, is ridiculous. For now it is staying, but I have to really think hard about it. If you have never had a crochet blanket, then you really should try one. So much warmer than fleece, especially if over a light sheet or other blanket. Check out this beautiful blanket and beanies set, in my Etsy store. 

 February is the birthstone of Amethyst. I have one ring, I will be relisting, that was returned to my shop because the size was wrong for the lady who bought it. Other than that, I am going to try and get some new Amethyst pieces made. Hopefully my craft shop will have more of the lockets, that I can fill with Amethyst gemstones.

 I had a brilliant idea for something new to paint on. I won't discuss it until I have one completed, so you will just have to come back often to see.


Gemstone said...

Very Lovely Designs . Beautiful Baby :)

Amit lamba

Melissa said...

Thank you!


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