Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Facts

February babies love the color purple. Why? Because, the birthstone for February is Amethyst. To learn about Amethyst, watch the first short video. The second video, because I love to draw, shows you how to draw an Amethyst. Check them both out, and leave me your thoughts. I have started a new baby blanket, that I think will be spectacular, plus a mermaid tail crochet project, and I have a new idea of something to paint on. Now, I just need more time, lol. For jewelry, one of my Rhodolite Garnet rings sold, and the Mandarin Garnet ring, both sold. I have to buy some new settings, so I can make some new pieces. I do have some wire wrapped pieces, that are new, in my Etsy shop, just need to feature them here on the blog.

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