Friday, February 26, 2016

Wooden Wedding Card Box with Wood Burned Roses Can Be Personalized

This week was a very productive week, at least as far as crafts go. It has been a stressful week, also, and my crafts keep me sane. I have lots of new items to share, starting with this lovely wooden wedding box, that I drew then wood burned roses,and wedding bands on. It came out beautiful, and it can be personalized, you just have to ask. It is available to purchase in my Etsy shop.

 I have two new rings done, so far, with more new settings waiting, and have done two paintings, and some crocheting. I told you it was a productive week. Stay tuned!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Rustic Wood Burned Wedding Picture Frame

Wedding season is upon us once again. I started wood burning picture frames, at the end of last year. I did one for Halloween, this lovely wedding keepsake frame, and one for Easter. I love woodburning, though it is still quite new to me. This would make a lovely wedding gift for anyone getting married, or even as an anniversary gift. For full details, check it out in my Etsy store.

 I finally got the right white yarn, to finish my newest idea. I can't tell you what it is, you will have to wait and see. I ordered some new ring settings, and they should be here any day now. So, new jewelry items, yay! I would really love to do some new resin pieces, but until the ones I already have in inventory start to sell, that just doesn't make sense. I did not get to paint at all last week, or do anything crafty, really. But, that all changes today. I should have lots of free time to be crafty. My garden needs work too.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

My 400 Likes Facebook Fan Page Giveaway!

I had a giveaway when my Facebook fan page hit 300, now I am doing another one as it hit 400 likes.  One lucky winner will get to pick the item of their choice from my Etsy store.  Go to my Facebook fan page, to read the rules, and enter the contest.  Contest ends 2/20 2016 at 9PM.  It is easy to enter, and to win.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Facts

February babies love the color purple. Why? Because, the birthstone for February is Amethyst. To learn about Amethyst, watch the first short video. The second video, because I love to draw, shows you how to draw an Amethyst. Check them both out, and leave me your thoughts. I have started a new baby blanket, that I think will be spectacular, plus a mermaid tail crochet project, and I have a new idea of something to paint on. Now, I just need more time, lol. For jewelry, one of my Rhodolite Garnet rings sold, and the Mandarin Garnet ring, both sold. I have to buy some new settings, so I can make some new pieces. I do have some wire wrapped pieces, that are new, in my Etsy shop, just need to feature them here on the blog.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Crochet Lime Green and Hot Pink Baby Blanket with 2 Matching Beanies

I finally finished this baby blanket. It didn't take so long because it was hard, it wasn't, just couldn't seem to squeeze in more than an hour here or there to work on it. I love these colors, and this stitch. Done in lime green, and hot pink with matching beanies. Fees have gone up for everything, so unfortunately I have had to tweak my prices on new items, and am rethinking my layaway. I love offering that service, but unfortunately the Paypal fees each time someone makes a payment, is ridiculous. For now it is staying, but I have to really think hard about it. If you have never had a crochet blanket, then you really should try one. So much warmer than fleece, especially if over a light sheet or other blanket. Check out this beautiful blanket and beanies set, in my Etsy store. 

 February is the birthstone of Amethyst. I have one ring, I will be relisting, that was returned to my shop because the size was wrong for the lady who bought it. Other than that, I am going to try and get some new Amethyst pieces made. Hopefully my craft shop will have more of the lockets, that I can fill with Amethyst gemstones.

 I had a brilliant idea for something new to paint on. I won't discuss it until I have one completed, so you will just have to come back often to see.

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