Saturday, December 5, 2015

Upcycled Wooden Chair For My Daughter

Way back in August, we went to a yard sale, and bought this old wooden chair. There was only one, and my daughter wanted to put it by her window as a reading chair. It had already been painted once, but it was dirty and worn pretty badly. I had to wait until it was cooler, and no humidity, so I could paint it outside. The green base paint, was leftover from when we painted her walls. I put on three coats of that. Chairs with rungs are incredibly hard to paint with a paint brush lol. Then I drew on the wolf design, and the two of us worked on painting it together. It has stars and northern lights, but the lights look like antlers to me. She did those, and was very pleased with her work, so I didn't fuss. She loves wolves, but I am not sure why. Anyway there it is. I will seal it to ensure the paint stays on for a good long time.

Don't forget to visit my Etsy store, for my BOGO sale. It ends January 1st. If you get an Etsy gift card for Christmas the sale will still be on. Also, I have started auctioning old inventory on Ebay. I don't know if you can look up items by user name there, but my user name is MRR05 on Ebay.

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