Friday, December 18, 2015

Society6 Christmas Board and a Neon Blue Apatite Bracelet

 I love bracelets.  They are by far my favorite piece of jewelry to wear, besides rings.  The bracelet shown, can actually be worn as a choker, or a double wrap bracelet.  It is all done in genuine Neon Blue Apatite beads.  Such a beautiful color.  It is available in my Etsy store.  I just had another sale, in my Etsy store, so things are moving along nicely.  My BOGO sale ends on Jan 1, 2016, but I think I will have an after Christmas sale.  Below, you will see a link to my new collection, on Society6.  This is not just my art work, but art work of fellow artists, all with the theme of Christmas.  If you know someone who loves customized cell phone cases, skins, home decor, tees and other wonderful gift ideas, then be sure to check out my Society6 collection.  Mine are all called Melissa's Art, so look me up.  It is actually very time consuming to upload 4 years worth of paintings, and all the wonderful photographs I have taken over the years.  So, check back often.  The animals are all still my favorites.

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