Sunday, December 13, 2015

Make Your Art Work For You with Society 6

For any of you who read this blog, you know that a while back, quite a while back, I wanted to take some of the hundreds of digital photos our family has taken over the years, and turn them into high quality prints and other fun items. Well, I also wanted to do it for my original paintings, and drawings. Etsy is a pain in the behind for this process. So, I decided to search for other options to suit my needs. There were some very complicated ways that I could achieve my goals, but then I found Society 6. What a wonderful website. I am brand new there, only uploaded a few things so far, and it is time consuming to get all the different products set. Some photos, can not be put on all products, but the paintings seem to work quite well. The tshirt below, is by far my favorite item created so far. My momma and baby panda bear, on a tshirt. So cute! Their prices are reasonable, and they have a sale going on right now, and they ship world wide. I of course read reviews, before I signed up, and customers love the customer service. The one thing I did read, is that if you live over seas the shipping is quite high, because you end up paying fees in your own country to have it delivered to you. So, be prepared for that, before you order. Check out the item I shared below, and then check out all my other items currently available. I suppose you could browse the other artists too. There are some super artists on there. For now, I will not be selling my original art work on Etsy, or Ebay.  They will be uploaded to Society 6 instead, where prints, tshirts, mugs, blankets, skins, phone cases, and other great items can be made.

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