Saturday, November 28, 2015

Swiss Blue Topaz Marquise Wire Wrapped Ring BOGO Etsy Sale

Did you know Blue Topaz is the top selling colored gemstone in the USA? For one thing it is affordable, as far as gemstones go, and it is blue. Blue Topaz can be used as a substitute birthstone for December babies, when Blue Zircon is too pricey, or hard to find. Over the years, I have made lots of jewelry. Sometimes I break the prongs, or the setting just isn't what it was supposed to be. I try not to throw away broken, or damaged jewelry, but instead to upcycle it into new and beautiful pieces of jewelry. That is what I did with this ring, and several others in my Etsy store. This one is a size 4, perfect for a pinky, or petite hand. To purchase, or see all my beautiful items, visit my Etsy store. Don't forget my BOGO sale is still going on, through January 1, 2016. Buy one item at full price, get a second item of your choice free of equal or lesser value. You can't beat that!

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