Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Buy One Get One Free Sales Event BOGO Handmade Angel Christmas Ornaments

My buy one get one free sales event, or BOGO as it is called, has begun in my Etsy shop. All my items are eligible, even new items. I have not raised any prices, shipping is still free for USA customers, so it is truly buy one get one free. I will be showcasing items from my shop, that are in a similar category to each other.

Below you will see four different Christmas angel ornaments. All are handmade by me, and BOGO eligible. Visit my Etsy store for all the details. Details can be found on the store home page, or you can message me if you are unsure how to proceed.


Gemstone said...

Awesome Stuff. I am Sure U will Do Great Business .

Amit lamba
Amit lamba
Amit lamba

Melissa said...

Thank you! The first sale from this event came through today!


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