Monday, October 12, 2015

Cute, Fun, Frugal Halloween Lawn Decor

Did you know, if you get paid every two weeks, there is only like 5 or 6 more paychecks until Christmas? Oh my! I drew out the most beautiful Fall horse today, and I can't wait to paint it. If you are looking for team color peacocks, you might have to place a custom order, because I think I am going to continue with the horses, at least for now. That will actually be shared here on this blog, and my homeschool blog, as it was a co assignment with me and my daughter. Below you will see an adorable set of three pumpkins. The original Pinterest post showed these pumpkins kind of sitting sideways up a pole, or stick. I chose not to mess around with all that. I purchased three dollar plastic pumpkins. My kids don't trick or treat anymore, so there was no hope of be getting any leftovers, lol. Then I bought two mum plants, one a burgundy red, and the other white. I split the burgundy mum into three plants, actually, put two in the pumpkins, and one in the ground, the white one also went into a pumpkin. I do not purchase special dirt. I use my dirt from our burn pit, and add mulch, or vegetable clippings to the dirt. Last, but not least, I bought three solar lights, from the Dollar Tree, and placed one in each pumpkin, towards the back of the pumpkin. I hope you can see how really pretty they are in the dark. So, I think I spent, maybe 15 dollars total. Once it gets closer to Christmas I will just put the plants into the ground.

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