Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wood Burning for Beginners

I love wood burning, though I am still a beginner. Most wood burners transfer the image using different techniques, or by tracing and image. I hand draw all my images on, then wood burn. Unfortunately I don't know my own strength, because I broke one of the tips off right in the burner. So, now I have to get another one. Not a big deal, but I hate leaving projects unfinished. These two wooden salad serving spoon and fork, have a buck, and a doe drawn on them. As you can see one got finished, the other did not. These are actually pretty difficult to woodburn on. The wood is thick, and because they are kind of curved it is rather difficult. I can not wait to actually finish these, and offer them in my Etsy store. Both my kids want to woodburn, but man that thing gets hot. I wear two small rubber gloves, and it still can burn my hand.

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