Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tips To Help You Use Social Media Links To Optimize Your Etsy Shop

This is a special post, for my Team Support and Promote fellow teamies who want to learn how to use social media more effectively, but don't know how.  Now, I am not an expert, but I can share what I know.  This post is dedicated to finding your links on various social media sites, so you can participate in social media games on Etsy teams.  Most of the social medias have different ways of finding said links, and some are quite difficult.  I think Tumblr is the hardest.  This info is only for the social media websites that I use, there are actually tons more, that I do not use.  This tutorial will teach you how to go to the social media site mentioned, and find the link to share on Etsy games.  You must post the item to each social media site first.  Some use buttons you install like Pinterest, Wanelo, Fancy, etc.  Some are right on your Etsy listing.  However, you can always use the orange plus button at the end of your search bar, at the top of every page you ever visit online.

Twitter:  For Twitter click on the item you tweeted, you will see the word details below the image.  Click on the word details, and that will give you the correct url to copy and paste to your Etsy game thread.  If you are super fast, after you tweet something, it will say view on Twitter.  You can click that and it will take you right to your item, and the link.  However, it is only open for like 2 seconds, so I miss it most of the time, and have to go to the Twitter website and follow the directions above. 

Pinterest:  For Pinterest click on the image of the item you want a link for, it will open in a new window, just copy and paste the url to your Etsy game thread.  You can also, for Pinterest, right after you pin something it will give you the option to see it now.  This is by far the easiest way to get your link, just see it and then copy and paste.  But, if you wait too long that window shuts down, and then you have to go to Pinterest and do the way I said above.  Btw if you don't know how to find your pinned items, without going through your whole thread, just click on your user name in the right hand corner, and then click pins.

Google Plus:  Google plus is pretty easy.  You just find the little arrow drop down menu.  It is to the right of the item you shared.  Once you find it options will appear.  Click on the link to post, the link will show up usually already highlighted, you just copy and paste it to the game thread you are playing in.  If you don't know how to copy and paste hold down the left side of your mouse and drag it across the url until it is highlighted then right side click your mouse and hit copy, go to your game thread, right click your mouse again and hit paste.

Wanelo:  Go to Wanelo click on the item you want the link for, when the window opens up copy and paste it to the game you need it on.

Facebook:  Facebook is kind of a pain.  For best results, and I only do this for items I post to FB that I want a link for, other wise I just put the link to my item and be done with it.  If you need a link do this:  go to your FB page, where you update your status click add a photo, upload the picture first, then add the link to your Etsy store, then click publish.  After you have published it, click the picture you just uploaded.  It will open in a new window and just copy and paste the link to your Etsy game.

We Heart It:  Go to your canvas where you can see the items you have posted to We Heart It.  Find an item, click on the image, after it opens up just copy and paste the link to the game you want it in.

Tumblr:  Tumblr is a pain, and I don't usually share links from there, though I do post to there everyday.  Go to your Tumblr account, find the item you want a link for, down at the bottom of the image are some funny looking characters.  Click on the three dot symbol, then get permalink, it will open in a new window, copy and paste to the game you need.  If you are playing a game where you need to share someone elses items to Tumblr, you click their link which will take you to Tumblr then you have to click reblog.  It is very weird, I know.

Stumbleupon:  Go to your Stumbleupon account, click on the little arrow by your profile picture, a bunch of options will come up, click my likes, you will see all the items you have liked.  Click on the item you want a link for, then just copy and paste to the game you are playing.  I stumble by using the orange plus button, I told you about earlier.  I do that for Tumblr and Google + as well.  The Tumblr button on Etsy listings very rarely ever works, and if it does it takes forever.  So, I don't use it.

That is all the social media sites that I use.  There are tons more, but I don't have the time or the patience for it.  I used to use Fancy, but it turned out to be more of a pain than it was worth.  Bestie here and there, but it is very slow to upload things.

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