Monday, August 3, 2015

Gloom and Doom with A Touch Of Pink Original One of A Kind Acrylic Painting

Since all it wants to do is rain here in Florida, I am getting very gloomy. So, today I sat down and drew out this picture, then painted it with acrylics the colors of gloom and doom. That would be grays and black. Then I added some beautiful neon pink to the light house, and even the bird. If it stays gloomy, I might do this in other colors.

 Last week, I drew out a peacock, to add some tangle doodles to, in football colors. I was supposed to paint that today too, but the other took too long. I am thinking of trying some oil paintings. I think I would be able to blend better if I used oils. I love acrylics, and love that they dry very fast. But, sometimes that is just not awesome. The only thing I am worried about with oils, is odors. I have a very sensitive nose, and it could trigger headaches. I will have to see. The flip flops, with pumpkin vines are no more. They annoyed me for the last time, and I removed all the paint. Now, to decide what I want to paint on them, lol.

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