Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How To Find My Sale Item of the Day, New Photo Products

Today, my sale item of the day, is a Citrine and Zircon ring.  It is 50% off.  If you want to keep track of my sale item of the day, but I don't do a post dedicated to it, just scroll down a little bit on the left hand side is my Facebook page widget.  The sale item of the day is always there.  Just click it. 

In order to keep a shop fresh, you need to provide products people are looking for.  While I will not stop making the products I love, and learning new techniques for them, I am going to add another love to some new products.  Photography!  Over the years, my children and I have taken some amazing pictures of our adventures here in Florida.  I will be offering items with those images on them, such as tote bags, mugs, shirts, etc.  If you are interested in seeing some of our beautiful photography on gift items, stay tuned.  I am excited about this new adventure. 

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