Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wood Burning Project #2 Wedding Picture Frame Keepsake

Last night I sat down to do my second wood burning project. I purchased a basic wooden frame, at my local craft store. Then I hand drew all the items onto the wood. Then of course I burned the design onto the wood. You can see the results. You must have some good hand strength, and a steady hand too, to do wood burning. I wear a sock, or glove, when I wood burn, because the instrument gets so hot it is hard to hold for long periods of time. My son, and daughter both want to give wood burning a try. I think it is fine for my son, not sure about my daughter. This is available to purchase in my store, Melissas Menagerie of Stuff, on Etsy. It can be stained, painted, and personalized with name and date. I think I like the frames better than the plaque, which I did last time. It just seems to be more usable than a plaque. But, I will do those too. Custom orders are always welcome. I am using a new photo editor, and getting use to it,  so if some of the edges look funny that is why. 


Gemstone said...

Its Nice . Good Design . Keep Designing.

Amit lamba

Melissa said...

Thank you! Need lots of practice, but better than the first one.


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