Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My New Crafty Love: Wood Burning

At our last 4H meeting, one family of kids was giving a talk on how they learned to do wood burning. The parents were there, supervising, and I asked some questions. I thought it would be something affordable, and fun, that maybe myself, and DJ could get into. Caitlin said she wanted to try it too, but it gets really hot, and you have to have a strong, steady hand. I might let her give it a whirl. So, I bought a simple wood burner, at my local Walmart and a wood plaque. DJ only tried on one small part, just to see if he would like it. He said yes. Anyway, I hand drew the deer head onto the wooden plaque. I wanted something for Father's Day, but not too difficult to start with. I wrote in pencil Happy Father's Day 2015. I figured the words would be the hardest, so I started with them. They weren't that hard, just had to go slow. The antlers were way more difficult. Now, that could be because my hand was tired, and hot. I am not sure, but I did the antlers last, and that was a killer. Of course I want to do more intricate designs. So, the next time I head off to Wally World, I will buy three pieces of wood, or maybe a wooden box for me to dabble with. Anyway the Father's Day deer head plaque, is available in my Etsy shop, click here. I left it natural, but it can be stained, painted, and even personalized.

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