Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy June! Pearl Is the Birthstone for June

Well, pearls and Alexandrite. I don't have any Alexandrite, sadly, to share with you. But, I have some pearl items to share. The bracelet shown is faux pearls, as is most of my jewelry pieces. Why? Because real pearls, are not as stable, hard to care for, and fragile. However, I should say every woman should own at least one beautiful set of genuine real pearls. I have some, but don't get to wear them much. This multi colored faux pearl bracelet is available in my Etsy store, with free shipping. Check it out.

 I had a very fruitful day today. What crafting fun I had. I got two pairs of new flip flops painted, a couple crochet items, and a very special, and adorable Father's Day painting drawn out. I hopefully will get it painted this week. Stay tuned for all those items, and be sure to check out my Etsy store. 


Gemstone said...

In Indian Astrology Systems , We Use Pearl to Strengthen the Planet MOON in a Persons Horoscope.

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Amit lamba

Melissa said...

Neat! I love to learn about the customs of other countries. Thank you for sharing.

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