Friday, June 12, 2015

Hand Painted Flip Flops Summer Sandals Pink with White Calla Lilies and Pink Roses

My newest love, is painted flip flops! Well, actually my newest love would be the wood burner I bought today, but that is for another day. I haven't even removed it from the package yet. Here in the South, everyone lives in flip flops, pretty much all year long. So, I decided to make some fancy flip flops. I have done three pairs so far, all listed in my Etsy store, and just bought another pair today, to paint. These are size 5-6 pink flip flops, with the sole painted black with White Calla Lilies and Pink rose buds. They have been sealed three times, with a durable sealer. I have a pair of my own, with sea turtles, that was the test pair, and I have been wearing them pretty much every day, with not paint wear. Check these out, and all the others, in my Etsy store. I offer free USA shipping, and a layaway service.

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