Thursday, May 7, 2015

You Can Update and Improve Your Home Without Spending A Fortune By Painting

Last year we saved a lot of money for the boys to take a trip to NY, for the holidays. This year we have dedicated savings to paying off the car, and doing home updates, and repairs. There is so much to keep up with when you own your own home. I am not working right now, so money is much tighter, but you can be frugal, and still make your home beautiful. Back in Feb we had our plumbing all redone under the house. That was a huge undertaking, but needed to be done. The new plumbing should last the rest of our lives. Then we put in a new tub, faucets, floor, and fixtures in the boys bathroom. I got a new sink, and faucet in my bathroom. I still need a tub, and floor, but I decided to paint the vanity and shower walls, rather than replacing them. That saved a lot of money. You can paint your shower walls! Just make sure when you are done painting you put at least one coating of polyurethane over the walls. I did two coats, and did all the walls just because bathrooms hold so much moisture. I painted a Cherry Blossom tree on the shower wall. My tree trunk isn't exactly wide enough, but I wasn't concentrating on that. The vanity also got smaller cherry blossoms too. Now, my daughter's room has been painted. This is her 11th birthday gift. She loves to watch, Flipping Vegas, with her dad. Though we do not have any where near the budget of Goliath Construction, we have learned a bit of tips on doing a home over. She wanted an accent wall, like Amy always does. Since green is her favorite color, she picked a very light green, and a darker green for her accent wall. My husband surprised her with some chalkboard paint on her closets door. She wasn't excited about that at all. I also painted the laundry room, the old ugly furnace that is more of a pain to remove then just paint over it, and the fuse box. If you live in a double wide you know what I am talking about. The laundry room was painted with left over red paint, and black for the furnace and fuse box. What an improvement. Next up, will be another biggie, replacing the floors and tiles. I am not sure we will get that done before the end of this year, but that is what I am shooting for.

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