Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Painted Keepsake Box Rosebuds and Berries

So, I was all excited to paint this wooden keepsake box. I had all intentions to give it to my daughter, no matter how it turned out. It was kind of a practice box. I intended to paint white cala lilies on a black background. So, I painted the whole box black. Then, I practiced the lilies. They looked decent on white paper. Later in the evening I sat down to paint the lilies on the box. Argh, it wouldn't look right. I repainted it three times,and wasted a lot of paint, just to discover it was a waste of time. So I painted red and white rose buds, with blue berries. I am not 100 percent pleased, but she loved it, and it isn't awful, so that is all that matters. I did try the lilies again, on a piece of my art paper, that I painted black, with the same unsatisfactory results. So, I have to do the Cala Lilies first, then paint in the black background, backwards from what I am used to. I think I need a new set of brushes as well. That will help with the stroke needed.

I finished one of the rompers to go with my next diaper cake. So far I have the blanket, a romper, and a toy all crocheted out. I will do one more romper, some beanie hats, and maybe a couple of wash cloths. Then I just need the diapers.

I have been on a sort of crafting, listing, and store editing blitz.  I want to be in school by Fall, so I am trying to get as much done with my free time, now as I can. 

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