Friday, May 8, 2015

A Simple and Fun Gift Idea for Using Pictures

Before Instagram, Picasa, Cloud, and a million other online photo storing options, you took pics of your kids, had them developed and saved them all. If you are anything like me, you also toted them off to Walmart, JC Penny, or some other mass produced photo studio, and ended up with way more pictures than anyone would need. This easy, diy, gift idea will work great for Mother's Day, Grandparent's Day, Christmas or just to get rid of some pictures. Because, I was not sure if it would damage the photo, I picked a pic I already had a duplicate of. I used an already empty pump soap dispenser, filled it a quarter of the way with refill liquid hand soap, rolled the picture up, and plopped it into the bottle. I then filled the bottle the rest of the way. The force of the soap being squeezed in helped roll out the picture. It just naturally found its way to the front of the bottle, and stayed there. I am sure this would work on a new, full bottle. You just probably need a pencil or posicle stick to encourage it to where it needs to be. As you can see this is an adorable gift idea. These could even be wedding favors, or for a graduation. Use hand sanitizer, instead of liquid soap, though again, try it with a duplicate to see how it effects the picture.

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