Thursday, April 16, 2015

Home Sweet Home Butterfly and Flower Paintings

I didn't get to paint this week so Arizona is still drawn out, but not painted. Arkansas is ready to be drawn. Hopefully I will get to paint next week sometime, or at least draw. I also have roses drawn out, and need to do a US flag as part of my American History series. I also am working on a special diaper cake for a baby. This will be my first attempt at a diaper cake, and I am excited as to how it will come out. Then I want to do the shower curtain, and valance to go with my crochet toilet cover. I don't have much to do at all, lol. Below you will see Florida, Alabama, and Alaska. Alaska does not have a state butterfly so I did a bear silhouette instead. All of these can be seen in my Etsy store. Great gift for a college student to take to his dorm, newlyweds, or a house warming gift. I was also thinking it would be sweet for an elderly person who needs a reminder of home, should they have to go to a nursing home, or retirement home.

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