Friday, March 6, 2015

Aquamarine As A Healing Stone and 2 More Ebay Jewelry Sales

I had a family emergency this past Saturday. It has almost been a week, and things are still not quite normal. So, I have not been able to be creative, at least not with Art, crochet or jewelry. I hope to get back on track soon. I did have two Ebay sales this week. Both rings, and I am happy they have gone to owners that will wear and love them. Making jewelry is no fun, if no one wears what you make. I have had no Etsy sales, and I am not really surprised. Though I continue to advertise and run my store the same as always, it seems the only stores getting good sales, or any sales, are those buying ads. That is OK, as long as I am moving my products somewhere. I have halted auctions for now.

Aquamarine is the birth stone for March. A truly beautiful blue gemstone. It can be used as a healing stone as well. Check out the interesting video below.

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