Monday, January 12, 2015

Valentines Day Baby Cocoon Infant Photo Prop With Headband

Are you, or someone you know, having a baby on Valentines Day, or even near it? This newborn infant baby girl cocoon, is the perfect photo prop for newborn pictures. Baby can use the cocoon to sleep in, and keep warm, and the head band can be worn when she goes out. This is all handmade by myself, and is available in my Ebay store for 24.99 with free usa shipping. Take your own adorable newborn photos, and save some money. After baby is done with the cocoon, she can save it for her first doll, or it can be given to another family to use.

Don't forget about my new Jewelry in Candles store. The scent for the month of January, is Atlantic Shore. You can pick either the candle, or tart, and all candles and tarts, come with a free piece of jewelry. An affordable gift idea, two gifts in one.

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