Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hot Pink and Neon Blue 3D Spider Key Chains Now In My Ebay Store

I will get to the beautiful spiders in a second. I mentioned in some previous posts, that last year I donated some of my handmade items, and the places I donated them. I have not made one of the new items to be donated, yet, so I won't share that yet. I don't have the correct color yarn. Anyway, yesterday I was going through my Facebook likes, and found tons that I have no idea why I ever started following, lol. I did find a page called SHARE. They donate stuffed animals to children who have come out of a tragic event. I messaged them to see if they accept handmade items, and they do. So, I will be sending them off some goodies. I also decided that I will be doing no more baby cocoons. Once the listings end on both Ebay and Etsy, I will be donating them to Newborns in Need. Time to move on to other things.

 I really love creating with resin. It is challenging, and I have created so many pieces, with limited time to finish them, and get them listed. Taking pictures always takes the longest. I did get to sit down last night, and get together some chains, and beaded necklaces to go with some of the many pendants I made. I have so many more to do. I also got these key chains finished. I just had to add the key chain component. They were already drilled by me, and wire wrapped. I ran out of key chain components, but finally got some more. These are 3D, spiders made with resin neon blue glitter, hot pink glitter, craft wire and the key chain component. They are not super heavy, and look awesome in person. Great gift idea, for spider lovers, insect fans, boys, men, first time drivers, or my favorite gag gifts for girls afraid of spiders. LOL just kidding, well maybe. They are available for purchase in my Ebay store. You can always find my Ebay store at the bottom of this blog, or just click the link. My Etsy store link is in previous posts. Also I sell Jewelry in Candles, and that is on the sidebar. Those are nice, free jewelry in every candle.

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