Friday, January 16, 2015

Exotic Tsavorite Garnet and Other Colors of Garnet Jewelry

Check out this beautiful Tsavorite Garnet shown below. If you are a January baby, you are very lucky. Your birthstone is Garnet, and Garnet comes in all colors except blue. Well there is a blue Garnet, but it is very rare, a color shifting stone, and I don't find the blue to be quality. But, maybe I will share one of those in a future post, if I can even find one anywhere. I personally love Garnets. They are durable, and the red variety, is not expensive at all. Rhodolite, and Tsavorite are my favorites. Pink and green, how nice. Anyway, if you can not afford the one shown, I can't either don't worry, then check out my Etsy store for some of the Garnets I have available, at very affordable prices.  No, I don't have any Tsavorite, I wish.

January scent of the month, Atlantic Shores, Melissas Jewelry in Candles Store. Only 17 dollars, and change, with a free piece of jewelry in every candle.

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