Friday, January 30, 2015

How To Paint Animals Free Video Tutorial

I love to paint animals!  It is one of my favorite things to paint.  Painting realistic fur, however, can be tricky, especially long fur.  I will be posting lots of how to paint, and draw tutorials in the coming weeks and months.  Be sure to watch for them.  One thing I really need to work on is landscapes.  I love landscapes too, but I have an odd perspective, lol.  I have to get going on some more Zentangles or Tangle Doodles as I like to call them.  Have not done one in a while.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Garnet Jewelry Tutorial, January Birthstone

I have two videos for your viewing pleasure today. One is a tutorial to make a beautiful Garnet vine necklace. I hope to get to try this. It is delicate and beautiful. Then a quick video about Garnet as the January birthstone. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Make Upcycled Wind Chimes with Soda Cans

Today, I took one of my heart shaped resin hearts, and made a wind chime. First, I had to drill six holes into the Monarch Resin Heart. I created this piece last year, but since no one had purchased it, I decided to use it for wind chimes. Then I had to cut two soda cans, draw the butterflies onto the can, and cut them out. Then using beading wire, I created the rest of the wind chime. They make a light tingling noise. It was the perfect day to test them, a nice breezy day. You can see how beautiful these came out. I am hoping to get time to do more of these.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

I Am Trying Not To Be Creative

This is way too hard, for me.  I have so many ideas that I want to work on.  I did get a bunch of my pendants turned into necklaces, sold a pair of heart earrings on Ebay, and created the item below. I am always trying to think of ways to upcycle, recycle or reuse items.  I have painted garden solar lights, made candy jars, and other cool items.  Well, I had an idea to make a cat cave.  While I was thinking about it, I wanted something that would stay somewhat stiff, so kitty could come and go as it wanted.  Then, I realized by laundry soap jug was a nice big size.  I made the black and white cocoon to go around the soap jug, and you see the results.  I don't have a real cat, lol.  These would be great for any cat, kitten, puppy, or as an outside shelter for stray cats to keep warm and safe.  I am currently making a red one, with white ruffle trim, so it will look like a flower cave.  Check it out in my Etsy store. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Red and White Crochet Table Runner

Well my table runner is nice, but not exactly as I wanted it. I wanted dangle hearts, but it just would not work. I could have added a fancy ruffle, but I didn't think about it, until after I finished, go figure. I accented it with some of my painted jars for Valentines Day and Spring. It definitely brightens up the table. I may make a longer one, eventually. This one is not for sale, it will stay with me. I still have not finished the second painted heart napkin. I will get to that, eventually too. I did crochet an adorable dog collar yesterday. I have to do one for the big dog, and then I will post them. They will be made to order items. You will be able to pick colors, size, and accents like flowers.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Exotic Tsavorite Garnet and Other Colors of Garnet Jewelry

Check out this beautiful Tsavorite Garnet shown below. If you are a January baby, you are very lucky. Your birthstone is Garnet, and Garnet comes in all colors except blue. Well there is a blue Garnet, but it is very rare, a color shifting stone, and I don't find the blue to be quality. But, maybe I will share one of those in a future post, if I can even find one anywhere. I personally love Garnets. They are durable, and the red variety, is not expensive at all. Rhodolite, and Tsavorite are my favorites. Pink and green, how nice. Anyway, if you can not afford the one shown, I can't either don't worry, then check out my Etsy store for some of the Garnets I have available, at very affordable prices.  No, I don't have any Tsavorite, I wish.

January scent of the month, Atlantic Shores, Melissas Jewelry in Candles Store. Only 17 dollars, and change, with a free piece of jewelry in every candle.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hot Pink and Neon Blue 3D Spider Key Chains Now In My Ebay Store

I will get to the beautiful spiders in a second. I mentioned in some previous posts, that last year I donated some of my handmade items, and the places I donated them. I have not made one of the new items to be donated, yet, so I won't share that yet. I don't have the correct color yarn. Anyway, yesterday I was going through my Facebook likes, and found tons that I have no idea why I ever started following, lol. I did find a page called SHARE. They donate stuffed animals to children who have come out of a tragic event. I messaged them to see if they accept handmade items, and they do. So, I will be sending them off some goodies. I also decided that I will be doing no more baby cocoons. Once the listings end on both Ebay and Etsy, I will be donating them to Newborns in Need. Time to move on to other things.

 I really love creating with resin. It is challenging, and I have created so many pieces, with limited time to finish them, and get them listed. Taking pictures always takes the longest. I did get to sit down last night, and get together some chains, and beaded necklaces to go with some of the many pendants I made. I have so many more to do. I also got these key chains finished. I just had to add the key chain component. They were already drilled by me, and wire wrapped. I ran out of key chain components, but finally got some more. These are 3D, spiders made with resin neon blue glitter, hot pink glitter, craft wire and the key chain component. They are not super heavy, and look awesome in person. Great gift idea, for spider lovers, insect fans, boys, men, first time drivers, or my favorite gag gifts for girls afraid of spiders. LOL just kidding, well maybe. They are available for purchase in my Ebay store. You can always find my Ebay store at the bottom of this blog, or just click the link. My Etsy store link is in previous posts. Also I sell Jewelry in Candles, and that is on the sidebar. Those are nice, free jewelry in every candle.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Valentines Day Baby Cocoon Infant Photo Prop With Headband

Are you, or someone you know, having a baby on Valentines Day, or even near it? This newborn infant baby girl cocoon, is the perfect photo prop for newborn pictures. Baby can use the cocoon to sleep in, and keep warm, and the head band can be worn when she goes out. This is all handmade by myself, and is available in my Ebay store for 24.99 with free usa shipping. Take your own adorable newborn photos, and save some money. After baby is done with the cocoon, she can save it for her first doll, or it can be given to another family to use.

Don't forget about my new Jewelry in Candles store. The scent for the month of January, is Atlantic Shore. You can pick either the candle, or tart, and all candles and tarts, come with a free piece of jewelry. An affordable gift idea, two gifts in one.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Valentines Day Painted Cotton Napkins

I have two of these cotton napkins, but have only finished one so far. I have painted on cotton cloth before, but only once or twice, and I forgot how much paint you really need to do it. I drew the heart, vines and Bleeding Heart flowers, lightly with pencil first. Then painted using acrylics, and paint pens. I think I will add some tiny leaves on the vine with the flowers, but other than that I am pleased with these. Hopefully I will finish the second one tonight. I am also working on a crochet table cloth, that will have bleeding heart flower dangles. I have never crocheted them, so this could be interesting, lol. What are you working on right now?

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year! New Year New Changes

Happy New Year, a couple days late, but hey.  The scent for the month of January, is out in my new Jewelry in Candles ecommerce store.  It is an ocean scent, and as the name implies you get a free piece of jewelry in every purchase.  If you are interested, be sure and click on the widget on my side bar.  It will take you directly to my ecommerce store. 

I have big plans for 2015.  BIG plans!  I am hoping to return to school, as well as continue homeschooling my two children, continuing to grow my painting skills, jewelry making and crocheting too.  I also have some groups that are very close to my heart, that I want to donate, and or volunteer for. 

The year before last, I did squares for Warm up America.  This year I donated to Newborns in Need.  I am not saying I won't do those anymore, I will, but 2015 there is a new cause.  I won't share it right now, but I will when I get one of the pieces completed and ready to go.  I love to make money on the things I make, it makes it kind of worth it.  But, I also love to donate, especially hand made items, an area in my opinion that gets neglected for more media catching retail items.  I love companies who accept handmade donations, and they are my focus, at least for this blog, and my creative side. 

I also have a passion for recycling and upcycling.  Check out the planter I made out of a tin can.  I will do a full post on that another day.  But, it will be a made to order item in my Etsy shop.

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