Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Thanks and Noel Hand Painted Word Candle Upcycled Jelly Jars

I am just a little late with this post, LOL. Sorry about that. My mother, for some reason, had a whole bunch of jelly jars cleaned and saved. Maybe she was going to put homemade jelly in them. I don't know, but she offered them to me. Since they were all the same size, I took them. Then using letter stencils I created a set of THANKS and NOEL painted candle jars. The Noel is not pictured, but they are the same coloring and design. You can add a tealight or a votive candle, but I like the tealights because they come right out to be replaced. You could also put in those battery operated candles, but I don't find they last very long for what they cost. They look lovely on a dining room table, or mantel like I did. If I had more of these jars, I would do a set for my store. Maybe I will start looking for the jars now, then I can have them in time for next year. We don't eat a lot of jelly, lol. These do take a while to make. You need several layers of paint, and then sealing. That is after you have cleaned and removed all labels.

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