Thursday, December 25, 2014

Painted Christmas Ornaments Fun With Friends

A while ago I had bought this pink fluff stuff. Caitlin was supposed to use it for a 4H project, but she changed her mind. So, it set in my craft cabinet. On Tues, we went to have some Christmas fun with good friends. I decided we would make some cute ornaments, using the pink fluff. This was so easy to do. I printed off some cute faces for each of us to choose from. Using paint pens each of us painted on our faces, then signed and dated the back. DJ painted black hair on his, as pink fluff wasn't really appropriate. This works best on the larger ornaments, and the non shiny ones. The pink fluff was put on first using super glue. You can see the results below. These did not take long, and are a super cute way to keep the kids busy for a few minutes. The kids then had lunch, and played while the other mom and I got to visit. Merry Christmas.

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