Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Snowman Mandala Hand Painted Gift Bag and Snow Church on Wooden Stepping Stone

Monday is the day I get to paint. Shown below is my third wood slice stepping stone, with a beautiful snow scene painted on it. I am getting better at buildings. This church didn't come out too bad. It will now join the other two I painted in the garden. I think I am going to be listing these in my Etsy store as made to order items. I decided to take my Etsy store off vacation, until my current items run out, that I already paid for. Then I will be listing made to order only items on Etsy. All new inventory, and inventory that ends on Etsy will go in my new Ebay store. I have several jewelry auctions running right now. So, hop over there if interested.

I also drew and then painted the Snowman Mandala gift bag shown below. That is available in my Ebay store only. I love painting the gift bags, because they can be re used and, or the art work can be cut off and framed. I love that idea! I find more buyers actually prefer Ebay, as opposed to Etsy. 

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