Saturday, November 1, 2014

My First Three Ebay Auctions Are Up and Running Amethyst, Garnet, and Hummingbird

My first three Ebay auctions are up and running, and I have added other inventory to the store.  In all the years I have been selling my crochet baby cocoons, never has anyone ever asked a question, or showed much interest.  I have already had two questions, in one day.  To me, this is optimistic.  I have always said that Etsy is a website of sellers, with very few buyers.  It is a very long process moving my inventory to a new store, so that might take a while.  Especially since I have to work this weekend.  My first three auction items are my Ruby Throated Hummingbird painting, Amethyst ring, and a Raspberry Pink Rhodolite Garnet ring.  Christmas is coming, take advantage of these awesome auction items.  5 days and 9 hours left.  The links are below, so you can see each item.  I am still offering FREE USA shipping. 

Amethyst Ring

Rhodolite Garnet Ring

Hummingbird Painting

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